Thubalethu Architects is focused on taking each project with a fresh approach, placing emphasis on research regarding the geographic location, historical influences, natural resources and construction capabilities of a specific project. Researching these elements allows our experienced team of Architects to gather inspiration and broaden their perspectives in order to provide innovative and unique design to fit each clients needs.


We are focused on becoming architectural pioneers by creating unique designs, as well as embracing local ethnic elements for specific projects, which require the fusion of traditional and urban architectural styles.


We aim to provide quality and professional services in the architectural design field as well as play a vital role in the economic and skills development of previously disadvantaged individuals amongst those involved in the industry.

Thubalethu Architects fully commits itself to professional quality assurance and its principles in providing our Clients with a professional services. This is done through structures of:

  • Delivering and responding to individual’s objectives by means of costing and programming
  • Insisting on efficient operations and quality programming
  • Good Practice Guidance & Quality by Design
  • Calculated Risk Management Plan
  • Quality Management System, which adheres and complies with South African National Standards, Professional Code of Conduct
  • Project and Program Management

We further ensure good quality communication with our clients, and also provide methods which are unambiguous to deliver standard services within the required period of time.

Manqoba B. Khuboni  |  Director


Statutory Professional Body
(PrArch) – SACAP: 2008

Professional Bodies Enrolments
SAIA – South African Institute of Architects
KZNIA – (KwaZulu Natal Institute Of Architects)
GBCSA – Green Building Council South Africa


Institute of Academia
University of KwaZulu-Natal – Howard College Campus
Graduated in 2004

Degree Obtained
B Arch (Adv) Bachelor Of Architecture


We are members of the following architectural professional bodies and institutes, and other business organisations.

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Julia Morgan | Renowned American Architect


We create architectural forms and interior environments that incorporate advanced thinking in design, lifestyle, materials, and new technologies. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.